Black LED Halo Ring Projector Headlights For Citroen C2 2002 To 2009


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  • Black interior with clear, unpatterned lens. These headlights have 2 angel eye rings, a single projector main beam lens, standard lens high beam and integrated indicators in each unit.
  • Angel eye rings are fitted with user-replaceable 3 Volt LED bulbs (one per ring).
  • Suitable as a replacement for cars without automatic/electric levelling. These lights can be fitted to cars with electric levelling, but this function will be lost – this will not cause MOT failure as it is not a legal requirement
  • NOT suitable for cars with original/factory-fitted HID/Xenon lighting
  • For safety reasons head lights should be fitted and adjusted by a professional. You can do a basic setting by eye, but specialised equipment may be needed to be sure that the lights are set correctly and legally
  • PAIR
  • 1 x left unit, 1 x right unit,
  • e Marked
  • RHD Only – these lights are only legal for use in countries that drive on the left hand side of the road, eg. UK & Ireland.



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