COB LED Headlight Bulbs Kit 8000 Lumens! 12v Canbus Error Free 100w


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  • Canbus Error Free
  • Built in ballast (driver)
  • Easy Installation
  • Base can be removed to make installation easier
  • Very bright 6000K pure white colour
  • Instant switch on (no warm up time)
  • Worried about how far they will stick out? we now stock universal round rubber dust covers that can be cut to size from 75MM-105MM


  • 360 degree light outout
  • A Massive 4000 Lumens per bulb! Thats brighter than 35w HID! 8000 lumens 100w combined output!
  • Built in smart heatsink fan to dissipate heat
  • No errors on most cars. We do have extra plug in load resistors in our shop should you need some.
  • Please note the back of the bulb sticks out 40mm so you will need to allow space for this
  • Some canbus Cars may make the LEDs flash on startup for a few seconds
  • Cars that take the bulb in a special holder maybe purchased separately. We now stock quite a few different types for different models. if your not sure just ask.
  • Please note these may not give a perfect beam pattern although when testing on projector style headlights it was near perfect. Sold as offroad use only. May not pass an MOT

Can be fitted:

  • Dip beam (driving lights)
  • High Beam
  • Front fog lights


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